WePure Biotech was founded by national experts and a team with rich operational experience in functional chemicals, WePure Biotech focuses on the research and development, production and sales of silica gel and resin based nano micron microspheres, providing key raw materials and application technology solutions for biomedicine, analysis and testing and other fields. The company has an advanced research and development, production, application and development base in Guangdong Medical Valley. To provide customers with international quality, stable supply, rapid delivery and competitive products and services.

Chromatographic technology is an indispensable tool in the fields of analysis and detection, biomedicine, food hygiene, environmental detection and so on. According to the application scenarios, it can be divided into analytical chromatography and preparational chromatography. Its indispensable core material is nanoparticle -- "chromatographic core", so the preparation and application of microsphere material has also been listed by Science and Technology Daily as one of the 35 "bottleneck" technologies restricting China's industrial development. It is called "the unbearable lightness of national industry". According to the statistics of the relevant research report of Western Securities in 2022, 95% of China's consumption is imported from Europe, the United States and Japan, which to some extent contains the development of China's biopharmaceutical, analysis and testing.

WePure Biotech has independent intellectual property rights of 1.7-100 micron silica gel, hybrid silica gel porous microspheres production process, starting from the silicon source to synthesize porous microspheres, according to the application requirements of functional bonding modification to produce chromatographic packing, using advanced loading process to produce chromatographic columns. The whole industry chain ensures the controllability of quality, the stability of supply and the excellent cost performance for customers. It has become one of the few manufacturers in the world who fully grasp the separation and purification media of liquid chromatography silicone filler and resin filler. The products cover from laboratory research and development, analysis and testing, semi-prepared filler/semi-prepared column, industrial prepared filler. Widely used for analysis, detection, separation and purification of biomedicine. WePure Biotech from the source to gradually break the foreign in biomedicine separation and purification, analysis and testing and other fields of technology and market monopoly, gradually strengthen the supply chain security in this field, at the same time significantly reduce domestic customers analysis and testing consumables and separation and purification production costs, improve product market competitiveness, so that more users use better products, so that life more pure, more beautiful.